A Mobile Survival Retreat

The most frequent complaint that I hear from my fellow survivalists is simply that they can not afford to acquire land for their survival retreat. With today’s pitiable economy that is perfectly understandable. I really don’t perceive it improving in the least for some time to come. However, all is not lost for you can still prepare in the event that you will need the services of a retreat and you can do it rather cheaply at that. The first thing you will need to do is to locate a 30 year old van of some sort. This van will become your emergency Survival Central retreat. You may already be familiar with using vehicles as bug out machines to get out of harms way and to a safe retreat however you can also use those same vehicles as the actual retreat as well. Your van can serve as your new home away from home should the need arise.

It can travel from a dangerous neighborhood at a moments notice and safely transport you and your family to a safe haven some distance away. Additional storage can be obtained by installing a car top carrier on the roof of the van. A van comes complete with a built in alternator or generator. I personally believe in maintaining dual battery systems in the vehicle so that I can make one battery dedicated to starting the van only. The second battery would power any inverters and 12 volt accessories that may be desired for surviving in the wild.

Planning Ahead: Survival Food Tips

Have you been thinking about storing up survival food in case of a disaster or crisis? If so, the first thing you should do is lay out your plan. A preparedness plan includes evacuation as well as storing up food. So think in terms of what you have on hand if you are stranded in your own home. But also think about what you should have in a cache that you can take with you (like a survival backpack). In this article we will focus on the storing of items that you need to have in your home in case you are stranded there and cut off from the outside world. With just a little bit of planning, you can stock up some needed items without breaking the bank or overflowing your available storage space. Plan ahead. You will be glad you did. When you choose the survival food to place in your cache for a disaster, be sure that you consider the fact that you will need to survive in 24-hour increments. A can of tuna and a bottle of water will not offer you much sustenance. A minimum of 72-hours is the optimum time frame.

First Things First: Water

Water is the basic, most essential thing you must have stocked to be able to survive any crisis – short-term or long-term. Having enough on hand for each family member for at least a week will increase your chances for survival exponentially. One gallon, per person, per day is the rule of thumb. Remember, it’s not just for drinking – it’s for cooking, for brushing your teeth, for basic cleanliness, for wound cleansing. You have no real idea how much water you use per day when it’s coming from the faucets in your house! Store water, lots of water. Just make it a point to pick up some each time to go to the grocery store. You will never be sorry that you have plenty of water available in a crisis.

Easy Survival Foods: Canned Goods

Soups are perfect, it’s a meal in a can. Although you should watch the salt content or you will need more water than normal. So buy the non-condensed, low sodium varieties with pop tops and you will be in great shape! Add plenty of vegetables and fruits for a treat. You can get your sweet tooth satisfied with some canned peaches or mixed fruit, and it will also give you a quick energy boost because of the sugar. Be creative here, get a variety of things canned. Don’t get caught with nothing but green beans and corn.

Long-Term Survival Foods: Freeze Dried Products

You can get some MREs to help you get through the toughest part of a disaster. But, they are not for every day. And you will get tired of them, so use them as a supplement to your other foodstuffs. They are quick and easy, so if you are on the move, these are an excellent source of energy and sustenance. You can also get many freeze-dried fruits, even consider trail mixes. Trail mixes are usually full of nuts and dried fruits – a good source of protein and energy foods.

Survival Kits – A Valuable Backup

Almost everyone is aware of what survival kits are and for what reason or what purpose they are used. For those who misinterpret it for traveling bags, these are generally packaged that comprise of basic tools and supplies prepared in advance as an aid for survival in an emergency. Emergency preparedness is very important as no one knows when a where a disaster would strike. Even a little bit of preparedness can give an individual a mighty leverage to survive in the toughest of the conditions. The utilities included in survival kits may vary, depending upon the location of the place and the kind of disasters a particular city is prone to. However, there are certain survival tools that are included in all types of packages. The tools provide shelter against the various disaster elements and aids in keeping the person warn, and meeting his health and first aid needs. The most common utilities included are food and water, signals to rescuers which can assist them in finding your location, knives (often a multipurpose tool or a Swiss army knife), tinder, first aid kit, and a flashlight. Find more information about survival in survivalcentral.

There are lots of companies that offer various types of survival kits. Individuals can take their help and prepare themselves for the worst situation possible. They offer a two person package which includes ample amounts of components, needed by two persons to live. It is extremely helpful in case when one is planning to go for an adventurous expedition. There are always chances of a person getting lost in the forest. If such a situation arises, individuals need to be prepared for facing the worst consequences that follow and presumably making their way out of trouble. The pack includes 12 boxes of water bottles, 12-400 calorie food bars, 20 water purification tablets, an AM/FM radio with headphones and long-lasting batteries for navigation purpose, flashlights, 36 hour emergency candle, waterproof matches, 2 emergency sleeping bags, body warmers, 16 function knives, 50 feet nylon rope, sewing and a first aid kit. Along with the survival kits, individuals can also purchase food for survival packages. There are quite a few options that individuals can choose when it comes to food items.

Their high calories supplies include 2 pouches of beef stroganoff with noodles, chicken teriyaki with rice, beef stew, lasagna with meat sauce and granola with milk & blueberries. Besides they also offer freeze dried fruits and gourmet snack combinations. The package includes bananas, peaches, strawberries, apples, creamy yogurt style dessert, caramel sauce and vanilla pudding. Buying a survival package is also easy. Individuals can easily purchase them from various departmental and general stores. Apart from it, they can also visit the various websites that offer this service. Purchasing stuff through websites is easy. People can explore the wide range of kits and other items offered with just few simple clicks. Moreover, placing an order is also easy. All a person needs to do is follow the few simple instructions as provided by the website and make the appropriate payment for it. Payments are made through a secure gateway so there is nothing to worry about.